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Using the Bioptron Light for Horses in Transition to Barefoot

By Teresa Ramsey
In this Article: What does an elephant have to do with equine hoofcare? If it can help elephants. . . What is the Bioptron Light? How it can help your horse. How you can use it on your horse.
So, what does an elephant have to do with equine hoofcare? Plenty. This elephant at New Zealand's Auckland Zoo showed a marked improvement after being treated for her painful arthritis using the Bioptron light. Zookeepers reported increased movement, negotiating rocky terrain and hillsides more freely and significant behavoural changes. A series of thermographs taken during the trial period suggested increased blood flow in the arthritic area of the feet.

If it can help elephants . . .
This light has also proven to be very effective in helping horses, with top NZ trainers and equine therapists using it with spectacular results. It is the ideal natural therapy to help your horse make the transition from being shod or incorrectly trimmed, to barefoot - a transition that can be very painful, depending on the amount of damage done to the hoof.

The transition to healthy hooves can affect your horse in many different ways. Some horses transition with no problems and are okay in a matter of days or weeks. Other horses can take months or even years to be restored to full health, depending on the level of damage within the hooves.

In any case, painful or uncomfortable hooves can affect the horse's whole body. Compensating for hoof pain can cause muscle, tendon and joint soreness, and other problems that can make for a very unhappy horse. But, at least, there are many natural therapies, such as massage and the Bioptron Light that can make your horse more comfortable and help your horse heal faster during its transition period.

Bioptron Light
What is the Bioptron Light?
The Bioptron light is more than an ordinary light. It is polarised, which means it can penetrate more than an inch into the skin, muscle and bone to promote healing.

The Bioptron Polarised Light Therapy System from Switzerland is based on 20 years of clinical research and development. It has a proven record for speeding up healing and helping acute and chronic injuries in the veterinary field, (as well as humans). Top horsemen and women, horse studs, trainers and Auckland Zoo use Bioptron every day.

Bioptron Light is:
  • POLARIZED - (approximately 95%) its waves moves on parallel planes
  • POLYCROMATICS - contains wide range of wavelengths, including visible light and part of infrared but not UV radiation.
  • INCOHERENT - light waves are not synhronized
  • LOW ENERGY- stimulates various biological processes in the body.

How Bioptron can help your horse
Bioptron Compact and Colour Therapy will result in savings of veterinary physio, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory bills in a short time. It is the best first aid kit that anybody can use safely.

With the specially developed therapy plan provided by your Bioptron Consultant, you can:
  • Act quickly to reduce inflammation and pain with subsequent fast healing;
  • Heal even a "proud flesh" injuries quickly without the need for antibiotics;
  • Strengthen the immune system and speedily banish coughs and colds (viral);
  • Treat skin irritations, mud fever;
  • Relieves stress and emotional problems;
  • Increase performance and assist fitness by reducing recovery time;
  • Apply acupuncture principles with ease to remove energy blocks that contribute to lameness.

How to use the Bioptron on your horse
The Bioptron light can be used directly on your horse, either on an area with muscle soreness, the acupressure points, for mudfever, immunity, or directly on the hoof. It can also be used to calm and relax your horse and for stress relief treatment, wound healing, joint inflammation, colds, pulled or strained tendons, splints, bone fractures, and many other complaints.

The light can also be used with colour therapy to enhance healing. The horse will tell you what colour it wants if you hold each colour a few inches from its nostril. The horse will immediately be attracted by the colour it needs.

It is best to consult a trained Bioptron Consultant to provide on going advice and assurance of the safe use of the light without causing any harm or side effects. For more information, visit, Mirjana Arlov Ph ++64 9 422 2096 mob: 021 981-089 email:

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