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  • What is the Barefoot Method?
    A natural barefoot trim combined with natural living conditions makes up the Barefoot Method. . .
  • Plight of the Bull Donkey
    Donkey & Mule Society of NZ and Donkey and Mule Protection Trust NZ do not support donkeys running with bulls. . .

  • On Track!
    Many horse owners interested in keeping their horses naturally have set up the track or race system of pasture management, with great results. . .

  • Article - The Importance of Equine Nutrition Naturally
    Learn what the foremost Barefoot and Natural Horse Care experts say about - Nutrition in the Natural Environment; Controlling Disease through Mineral Balance; Mineral Supplementation Naturally and much more.
  • Article - Natural Hoof Essential Remedies and Natural Minerals.
    How to properly prepare and support your horse during transition using natural essences with specially developed remedies by NZ Chartered Natural Therapist Thelma Bracewell, and Natural Hoof Essential Minerals and supplements.

  • Biscuit's Story
    Biscuit has gone from being "switched off" to a happy, healthy barefoot and bitless riding horse. . .
  • Shetland Ponies
    Duncree Shetland Pony Stud are now free of founder and other hoof problems after switching to the Strasser Method . . .
  • Bitless Bridles Testimonials
    Many people are having success with the Natural Hoof Bitless Bridles, find out what they are saying. . .
  • Natural Care of Donkeys
    Donkeys differ in many ways to horses, - obviously the large ears are a giveaway - but in terms of keeping them in good health, similar rules apply. Strasser Hoofcare Professional Teresa Ramsey, of Natural Hoof, explains. . . .
  • Old Macs Hoof Boots
    Testimonials that demonstrate how successful these hoof boots are . . .
  • Hoof Baths
    Fortunately, the best hoof moisturiser is free - water! Find out why and get some great hoofbath ideas.
  • Leading by Example: Barefoot Endurance in New Zealand, by Sheryl Campbell

  • Strasser Case Study: Flat, brittle thoroughbred hooves
    Conventionally considered incurable, flat hooves or dropped coffin bones are able to be cured using the Strasser Method. Case study in point: Patrick, NZ thoroughbred.
  • New Zealand Chiron Clinic Report
    A report on the Chiron Riding Clinic, excellent for jumping, muscle development and rehabilitation.
  • Natural use of horse covers and blankets
    A look into the effects of blanketing your horse and some Natural alternatives.
  • 2004 Endurance Nationals - 100km Barefoot
    From lame with shoes to competing successfully at the Endurance Nationals 100km, Alison Higgins and her endurance horse Cynai´s story.
  • Bitless Bridles
    Problems with head tossing? Gags no longer effective with your horse? Natural Hoof explores the effects of the bit and the possibility of going without that metal in the mouth . . .
  • Barefoot Endurance 100Km
    Thorsten and Maxi compete in the 2003 NZ Endurance Nationals 100kms Barefoot
  • Tarka
    Barefoot Treatment of Severe Coffin Bone Rotation
  • Bronson
    The Road to Recovery From Severe Founder
  • Traction
    Hunting barefoot, testimonials and the reasons why traction is improved without shoes.
  • Chiron Riding
    An overview of the Chiron style of riding.
  • Natural Treatment of Laminitis/Founder
    Treating Laminitis and Founder using Natural Hoof Trimming and Management Methods. Details two cases.
  • Herbs For Horses
    Herbs are a natural medicine for your horse. For thousands of years, their use has been based on tradition. Now with the benefit of modern science, many of these traditions have been tested. In most cases, the traditional use has been upheld. In some cases, new uses for old herbs have been found.  

  • Article - Bioptron Light Therapy for Horses
    How the Bioptron Light can help heal your horse, particularly on it's journey to soundness.
  • Article - Using Colloidal Silver for Horses
    Colloidal Silver is one of the best natural products you can use on your horse and is particularly helpful as a supportive therapy during a transition period to barefoot. Find out more about how to use Colloidal Silver and what products are available.
  • Article - Todd Merrell Clinic Report
    Strasser Certified Hoofcare Specialist and Instructor gave clinics in Paeroa, Sept, 2002.
  • Article - How To Sharpen Your Hoof Knife
    You've got the best hoof knife for the job - but it's always blunt! Learn how to sharpen your hoof knife.
  • Article - The Strasser Clinic and Method Part One
    Find out what natural barefoot trimming is about. In January, 2002, German vet Dr Hiltrud Strasser ran a three-day hoofcare clinic north of Auckland. In this article: Introduction, Natural Living Conditions, Movement, Water, Temperature.
  • Article - The Strasser Clinic and Method Part Two
    In this article: The Effects of Shoeing, The Correct Trim, The Transition Period.
  • Case Study - Maggie's story
    Diary of a Maggie, who had extensive problems with her front hoof, resulting in recurring hoof problems. Owner Sandra Kerridge outlines Maggie's recovery using the barefoot trim.
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