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H o o f   T r i m m e r s
Registered Strasser Hoofcare trimmers are listed here

Strasser Hoofcare National Office:
For any questions or queries about barefoot or the Strasser Method in New Zealand, please contact the NZ Strasser National Office for more information:

Institute for Barefoot Equine Management Ltd.
Ph 03 669 0310

I M P O R T A N T : We recommend you attend a reputable Barefoot Hoofcare clinic before attempting to trim or have someone else trim your horse's hooves and apply the Barefoot or Natural Hoofcare method. There are a limited number of Qualified Hoofcare Professionals in New Zealand, so we advise discretion before you ask anyone in NZ to attempt the Barefoot or Natural Hoofcare method with your horse. An incorrect trim or incorrect management following a barefoot trim may result in harm to your horse.

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