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Strasser Hoofcare Success Stories in New Zealand

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Toe crack through coronet. SHP: Penny Gifford

This horse had been under conventional veterinary and farrier care due to a very bad toe crack right through the coronet. The farrier had grooved out the crack vertically and very deeply, the hoof was then fitted with a plate and screws, which is standard conventional treatment. After 18 months there was no improvement and the vet had recommended grooving the coronet to allow a new hoof capsule to grow down, or euthanasia.

After just seven short months of Strasser Trimming by Strasser Hoofcare Professional Penny Gifford, based in Kumeu, and natural lifestyle (paddock rest, herd life, soaking, movement, etc) the crack has mostly grown out and the horse is sound and galloping around the paddock. The horse is able to be ridden lightly and continues to improve.

* * * * * * * *

Dodge: "Incurable" Navicular. SHP: Penny Gifford

A stunning warmblood that became lame while shod, to be diagnosed with incurable navicular in January 07. Conventional veterinary recommendations at that time were euthanasia, or an operation which would keep horse usable for a short period of time, then euthanasia.

After Strasser barefoot trimming in April 08, Dodge became sound, and was placed in dressage at four outings during transition from shod to barefoot. He then continued to successfully compete eventing barefoot and was then leased to a dressage rider and competed at Elementary level, winning or being placed at nearly every outing.

Removing the pain in the horse's heels through deshoeing and Strasser Trimming has resulted in exceptional movement, with the horse happy to weight his heels and fully drop the fetlock, resulting in a very free shoulder. This has contributed to his success in dressage.

A note from Dodge's rider, April 2009: "Dodge is really good, last weekend he got a 5th and a 2nd at Woodhills Sands, and today out at Papatoetoe (Manukau Dressage Autumn Series) he got a 5th then a 1st = which we were absolutely thrilled with! His feet are really good, and we noticed that when he walked on the gravel, he wasn't at all ouchy. Definitely the daily soaking and good foot work is paying off! He's having a break Easter weekend (no competing) but on again on the 19th April."

* * * * * * * *

Underrun Heels. SHP: Teresa Ramsey

An 11 year old standardbred conventionally trimmed and previously shod. The photo on the left shows extreme underrun heels before Strasser Trimming. On the right, heels more upright in just six months and horse continues to improve.

* * * * * * * *

Founder pony. SHP: Teresa Ramsey

A 12.2hh pony conventionally treated for laminitis, and also covered and locked in a yard or paddock with no grass. The photo on the left shows extreme extreme deformation of the hoof capsule, with a very slippered toe and upright joint adaption through the pastern. Pony unsound and suffering from heaves treated with antibiotics.

On the right, hoof a better shape after Strasser trimming though will never connect at the toe as one-third of coffin bone missing in front hooves. Pony is now healthy, kept on a track system with five other horses, never covered, and used successfully for pony club on the lead rein. Boots are used over rough terrain due to lack of toe and pony is closely monitored in spring but never locked in a yard and always kept in a herd

* * * * * * * *

Lameness, agression, unrideable. SHP: Penny Gifford

A 5 year-old mare that was bred by its owner and had the farrier trim its hooves regularly. However, horse has been lame since 3 years-old. Vet recommended bar shoes although never shod.
Very unhappy aggressive lame horse particularly left fore, with metabolic syndrome and unable to be ridden. Although she had been started, the mare was unhappy to canter and would buck instead.
After 6 months of Strasser trimming, the mare became sound. The mare's owner followed SHP advice. In Dec 08, the mare was brought into fitness work to prepare for a seven day trek, which she completed - 180km sound without boots. She cantered every day and the owner was so happy the horse has a lovely canter. No aggression now and no longer metabolic. Strasser trimming every 4 weeks. The photo shows a happy horse loading hooves very well.

* * * * * * * *

Decontraction SHP: Penny Gifford

Successful decontraction and transition to barefoot of a 15yr Arab that was shod for more than 10 yrs continuously.

* * * * * * * *

Decontraction SHP: Teresa Ramsey

Successful decontraction of a 15 year-old stationbred mare after six months of Strasser trimming and natural lifestyle. Note very narrow frog at heels in left photo before Strasser Trimming.

* * * * * * * *

Lame with Sidebone SHP: Penny Gifford

This horse was lame with sidebone (left photo) but after Strasser trimming and natural lifestyle, has been ridden in boots to rehab and has been going out sound 3 times a week to the forest for over a year.

The photo on the right is almost 2yrs to the day since the horse was first Strasser trimmed. The left photo was taken after the first trim. Alot healthier looking now and a fair amount of decontraction.

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