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NoBit Bridles

NoBit Bridles

Natural Hoof is now supplying the Australian made NoBit Bridle. These excellent bridles have been tested and are currently used by us at Natural Hoof and we have been very impressed with both the fit and the quality of the space-age Apollo material.

The NoBit Bridles have a similar cross-over design as the Natural Hoof bridles but now we are pleased to be able to offer the NoBit Bridles in tough Apollo material as well as our standard synthetic and English Leather material bridless.

The best designs and materials were selected for the NoBit Bridle, tested and refined to produce the ultimate bridle for your horse - the NoBit Bridle.

The NoBit BridleTM is a type of bitless bridle that is suitable for all kinds of horses and ponies. It works by applying gentle pressure to the entire head by using a unique cross over design underneath the jaw instead of pulling at the delicate areas of the mouth. Because the pressure is only applied to non-sensitive areas of the horse's head, the horse feels none of the pain that is associated with other forms of headgear including a traditional bridle.

nobit But isn't that just like a Hackamore?
No, unlike the hackamore the NoBit BridleTM does not use a single position, strong pressure on the soft fleshy areas of the nose for control, but uses all over gentle head pressure. In fact, you may notice your horse is happier having a drink and pick of grass whilst out riding since he doesn't already have something in his mouth.

For example, when the rider applies pressure to the left rein the cross-pull effect transfers the force under the jaw to the right side of the horse's head, applying gentle pressure along the length of the strap up the cheek. The horse feels pressure on the right side of the head, asking them to "come off" or yield to the pressure. When the horse yields left as asked, you release the pressure and the horse is rewarded for doing the right thing.

Stopping is easy with the NoBit BridleTM. Never again will the horse be able to evade the bit and cause you to lose control. As the NoBit BridleTM works through full head pressure the horse is unable to ignore your request to stop. This is achieved once again by the cross-over effect under the jaw. When you apply rein pressure to stop or slow the horse feels the pressure under the jaw, up both sides of the cheeks and over the top of the back of the poll causing the horse to drop his nose slightly and stop. One rein stops are also easily applied and with the assistance of the "yielding to pressure" action of the bridle, horses are easily bought to a stop with no pain caused to their mouths. As the horse can effectively relax with no mouth pressure, the NoBit BridleTM has also been known to stop horses from pulling.

nobitrear Retraining
Retraining time is minimal for most hoses with the NoBit Bridle. The NoBit Bridle works on a simple pressure and release or pressure and reward system that is an extension of the work done with our horses when we halter train them - to give to the pressure. That means the vast majority of horses pick it up within a few minutes. Provided your horse understands how to give to pressure softly, the change to the NoBit Bridle should be simple and easy for you both.

The NoBit BridleTM is made from a space-age fabric constructed by bonding an advanced copolymer coating around a high strength fibrous webbing. Known as "Apollo", this material is far superior to other plastic type fabrics as it is much softer to the touch, yet stronger and more durable than PVC or polyurethane (sometimes marketed as biothane or beta-biothane). Apollo has been used for some time in the harness racing industry in Australia and is recognised as the product of choice in a sport where breakages can have very serious consequences for both the horse and driver. A copolymer is a compound of 2 or more polymers that produces a product with combined advantages of its constituent materials. It can therefore achieve properties far superior to its component materials. This principle is seen in steel production where carbon is combined with iron to produce a far superior outcome. In the case of Apollo, it combines the softness, strength and durability of the individual polymers in a single material.

All edges and holes are heat sealed to prevent the entry of contaminants that may affect the structural integrity, so any modification of the product will weaken the structure and therefore invalidate the warranty. Apollo is made in Australia by Australians entirely from Australian raw materials by a company that has been in business since 1975.

The Apollo material has a high breaking strain which is around 20 times stronger than leather. All metal fittings are made from stainless steel for maximum strength, long life, easy cleaning and good looks.

nobitmini Available in black or brown, pony or hack. Reins not included. We accept custom orders for other sizes or colours (a small extra charge may apply).

For more information, please visit the NoBit Bridles website: More Articles . . .
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